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Cream Soda Sugar Cookie Cutouts

For me, Christmas time is all about the cookies (at least when it comes to desserts)! While it’s hard to choose a favorite, in my family, decorated sugar cookie cutouts are a Christmas tradition, so they’ll always hold an extra special place in my heart this time of year. In fact, we used to eat them for Christmas breakfast! These sugar cookies are a lighter, healthier version of the cookies from my childhood. Sweetened with Zevia Cream Soda for a buttery vanilla flavor, and made with tapioca flour (along with coconut and almond), they are gluten free, and crispy on the outside with a  melt in your mouth middle. I topped them off with an easy buttercream frosting that you can naturally color using matcha tea or beetroot powder for a festive flare. Add a sprinkle of coconut snow, chocolate, and some fresh pomegranate seeds, and you are ready to enjoy! Go ahead and grab a second (or a third), I won’t tell :).

You can find the full recipe with tutorial on the Zevia blog

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  1. In this lock down situation I am learning new recipe and preparing for my family, it feels great to spend time together.

    I love people share their experiences and new recipe with others. I visit blogs and youtube and learn new things.

    Thank you for sharing this post, love this.

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