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Marshmallow Cloud Party

When I first began experimenting with cute food art, I had a series on IG called #MiniaturizeItMonday where I would take suggestions for anything that someone would like to see recreated as tiny food (because who doesn’t love miniatures?!). One of my minis was marshmallow clouds cut out of a larger block of marshmallow using an itty bitty cookie cutter, and ever since then I’ve been enamored with making my own marshmallows. It wasn’t until Disney Family approached me, years later, about creating character marshmallows that I began testing how to pipe them into the actual shape (like a PEEP), and now I’ve made so many different animals I sometimes lose track (everything from hedgehogs, to Hello Kitty, to Star Wars porgs), but the clouds are forever my favorites :).

Besides being ridiculously adorable and happy, the cloud shape is a very easy one to recreate, especially as you begin to learn how to work with marshmallow. It is super forgiving, and only requires the ability to pipe dots. Since no two clouds are ever alike, you can’t make a bad cloud (and if somehow you do, just eat the evidence lol)! As today is my birthday, and I’m marshmallow obsessed (my fluffy pet bunny is even named Marshmallow), I thought it was the perfect time to throw a marshmallow making party! You can follow along with step-by-step videos of the process in my IG stories (see highlights), and find PDF printables of the cloud template, supply list, and directions below.

This class was made with lots of love, and is free for all to join in. If  you would like to donate a small contribution to help support my small business, you can click this PayPal link. Thank you in advance for your kindness and generosity! Again, I wanted to create this tutorial to share a little happiness and fun during this time, and as I know many businesses and families may be experiencing hardships right now, please do not feel any obligation to donate unless you are able to.

Let me know if you try this tutorial, I would love to see and share your amazing creations!

Printable Resources:

Cloud Template

Supplies List


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