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  Popsicles always bring me back to my childhood when I used to sneak them out of the freezer on sweltering summer days. I think I could eat 5 or more in a day back then :). Now I still love them, but enjoy making my own so that I can make them a bit […]

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Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays! I just love all of the pretty colors, heart-shaped everything, and, of course, the chocolates and flowers. It might’ve started as a romantic holiday, but in my opinion, it’s the perfect day to celebrate all of your loved ones! Inspired by the memories of classroom valentines, I […]

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  ***This recipe was created in collaboration with Disney Family*** Warm up a chilly morning with a comforting bowl of sweet, slightly spicy pumpkin oats that practically make themselves while you sleep :). These oats are full of fiber, flavor, and low in sugar (sweetened without refined sugar) to keep you going until lunch. You […]

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  Ooooooo an easy and adorable way to make your next cup of cocoa out of this world starring the Toy Story aliens! I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to turn some of my favorite Disney characters into food as a Disney Family Contributor. These little green men are super simple as you can make them […]

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This toast art is a tasty way to add a little extra love to your Valentine’s Day (or any day’s) lunch. Heart cookie cutters make the shapes a snap, and you can easily swap out any of the toppings for your favorites. I had the pleasure of creating this fun recipe for hello, Wonderful  where you […]

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