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Simply Earresistable – A Cute Easter Basket Gift Idea Featuring Pinhole Press

*This post is sponsored by Pinhole Press. All words, images, and opinions are my own.

I love Easter! It’s basically all of my favorite things in one holiday – bunnies, spring, pastels, candy, and did I mention bunnies?! When I was little, my brothers and sister and I would rush downstairs on Easter morning to see what the Easter bunny had brought us, and although I would immediately start stuffing my face with the Peeps and chocolate covered eggs in my basket (definitely the breakfast of champions lol), my favorite items were always the little gifts that my parents would hide around the house. While it’s been years since I last participated in an Easter egg hunt, I recently had the opportunity to collaborate with Pinhole Press to create some cute treats inspired by their own version of this fun tradition, with their Easter Egg Memory Game. The best part is that the game is made using your own images, so you can fully customize your set of 24 cards to include your friends, family, or even food like I did :). It’s super easy to create as the images can be selected right from your Instagram, and you can even choose the paper finish (I chose matte). I am really impressed with the quality of the cards, and think this game would make for a great non sweet Easter basket treat! If you’d like to make your own set or check out Pinhole Press’s other items, you can use code MARSHMALLOW (just like my bunny) for 15% off of your total purchase between now and Easter (4/1).

Of course I had to make bunnies :)! I used a popsicle shaped silicone mold to bake vanilla cake pops, and when they were cooled I dipped them in white chocolate and added fondant for the ears and paws, chocolate sprinkle whiskers, chocolate for the faces, little royal icing flowers, and marshmallows for their fluffy tails. The feet and inside of the ears were painted with pink candy melts, and the blushing cheeks were added using a little pink food marker dabbed on with a paper towel (this gives more of a blush look vs colored on). I just love the multi colored egg design on the back of the memory game cards, so I used it as inspiration to create my own little mosaic eggs. I wrapped white fondant around chocolate peanut butter eggs, and then covered them with pieces of sugar sheets (which are basically edible paper) that I had previously painted with food coloring and allowed to dry. I’m all about the details, but I could not figure out how to mimic the zigzag edges on the illustration until I rememberred the pinking shears my mom always kept in her sewing kit, so that’s what I used to cute the paper squares (a brand new pair though, I didn’t think she would want hers back with food coloring all over them lol).

My favorite part of creating custom food is the story that I am able to tell with the styling, and I had a wonderful time working on this Easter morning inspired shoot. If only I could get Marshmallow to play the memory game with me, but sadly the only thing he cares to remember is where I keep his treats and when he’s getting the next one, so I think I’ll enjoy my cards as mini photos on my desk and save them for the next time I babysit instead. Please let me know if you make a game, I would love to hear about the images that you chose!

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